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Medical Access 4 All is a non-profit charity programme. We are fundraising so that we can provide financial aid for people who are seeking further life saving or prolonging treatment. We are funded by you! We are hoping to raise funds in multiple ways - you can buy items under from our shop link, you can donate monthly by subscribing to us, or via a one off donation, you can also sponsor products for us to include in our raffle. The change of another's life is all in your hands - you are a legend! 

Image by Dimitri Houtteman

Everyone's help is extremely valuable to us! There are variety of ways in which you can help and contribute. 

Are you interested in donating for a good cause?

Image by National Cancer Institute

If you are in search of medical treatment overseas and are financially restraint, there are ways we can financially help you. 

Are you in need of financial aid for your medical treatment?

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You are the reason for the cure for another. 

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