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Our new and innovative charity, Medical Access 4 All, has been created to help Australian citizens who have a terminal disease, who have either no other treatment options left in Australia, and have found possibly lifesaving, or prolonging treatment available overseas, or have treatment options in Australia, which are not covered by private health insurance or Medicare, and for which they require financial assistance.

As you can imagine, ALL of these people have an urgency for this treatment. They want to live, or, at the very least, prolong their time with their loved ones.

The financial help, which we will give to those who are unable to self-finance this treatment by themselves, means exactly this, that they can have this treatment, that they can have a further hope of a cure or more time with their family. Time, something we all take for granted at some point in our lives.



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Image by Kamila Maciejewska
Thank you for being the power behind our charity. 

This is only possible with the financial support like yours 

About the Founder & Director.

Bernadine De Beaux is the Founder and Director of Medical Access 4 All. She is an Alumna of UWA and is currently a PhD. candidate at Flinders University in her final year.


Born in Perth, Western Australia, she is passionate about helping individuals and groups in need, especially when connected to medical issues. Her professional experience includes fundraising, working with non-profit’s, event management and managing the day to day and long term strategic operations of businesses.


These are our sponsors who have most generously decided to donate to our charity by giving away their products as prizes for the raffle draw for our supporters. 

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